Your Partner in Operational Excellence

Besson Consulting: Your Partner in Operational Excellence

Welcome to Besson Consulting, where we pride ourselves on being a pivotal part of the BMG family alongside our sister company, TRITECH. We’re all about creating strong partnerships with Independent Repair facilities across the Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle spectrum. Why? Because we know that the real magic happens in the Parts and Service departments—that’s where efficiency meets profitability, and we’re here to boost both.

With a team that’s rich in industry experience and not afraid to get their hands dirty, we’re well-equipped to tackle your challenges head-on. Plus, with TRITECH’s cutting-edge tech training and support in our corner, we’ve got all bases covered.

Being part of the BMG family means we’re always in the loop, always learning, and always ready to apply the latest industry insights to benefit your operations. Our goal? To work closely with you, defining and smashing those Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will drive your business forward.

Here’s how we get down to business:

  • Comprehensive Facility Management: Keeping your operations smooth and streamlined.
  • Parts Department Operations: Elevating efficiency to drive your success.
  • Service Department Strategies: Where great service meets great strategy.
  • Ongoing Support: Coaching, mentoring, and monitoring to keep you on top of your game.

Ready to elevate your operations with a team that’s as invested in your success as you are? Let’s get started!

Our team is packed with pros who know the ins and outs of Operations—covering every level, from hands-on fieldwork to strategic leadership, across Parts, Service, and the Body Shop. We’re all about digging deep to find straightforward, impactful solutions.

Looking for a custom plan perfectly suited to your needs? Count on us to deliver strategies that make a real difference, including, but not limited to, the following:



  • Customer Service

  • Financials & Budgeting

  • Industry Standards vs. Actuals

  • Personnel, Semi-Fixed & Fixed Operations

  • Expense Structure

  • Dealership Efficiencies

  • Business Mix and Growth Potential

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Daily Tracking vs. Actuals

  • Asset Management

  • Departmental Compensations Strategies

  • Departmental KPI Development



  • Inventory Control

  • Inventory: Physical, Process Fill, Rates & Cycle Counts

  • Inventory: Stock Orders and Allowance

  • Core Management

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Warehouse and Delivery

  • Parts Staff Training and Development

  • Outside Sales: OPS

  • Customer Account: Current VS. Potential

  • Communication Process: Internal and External

  • Compensation Reviews and Strategies



  • Repair Order Process Flow

  • Triage and Express Assessment

  • Scheduling, Estimating and Pricing

  • Technician Efficiency, Productivity and Proficiency

  • Technician Training and Pay Incentives

  • Technician Recruitment Strategy

  • Service Staff Training and Development

  • Outside Sales : OPS

  • Mobile Service

  • Communication Process

  • Compensation Reviews and Strategies

  • Communication Process: Internal and External



  • Expert Trainers: Led by industry leaders with OEM-Certified knowledge, offering hands-on and theoretical training.

  • Service Advisors & Managers: Skills training in customer service, team leadership, communication, profitability strategies and more.

  • Diesel Technicians: Comprehensive training on systems and components from leading brands including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, DANA, PACCAR, and Electrical Level I & Level II training.

Visit our dedicated training site for more details.

Why Besson Consulting?

Let’s dive into these 10 crucial questions together—they’re key to fine-tuning your operations and setting up your business for a bright future.

Operational Excellence Assessment

Is your shop maximizing its performance across all service areas?

Success hinges not on the quantity of business, but on the quality of operation. Gaps often stem from insufficient knowledge, leadership, or accountability. We conduct thorough evaluations against industry benchmarks and your specific objectives, pinpointing the root causes of underperformance to drive improvement.

Leadership Impact and Collaboration

Do your leaders grasp their roles in the shop's success and influence?

We provide in-depth financial analysis and tailored training for each department, fostering an understanding of how each area contributes to the shop’s success. Our approach dismantles operational silos, ensuring that solutions for one team enhance, rather than impede, the effectiveness of others.

Maximizing Sales & Profit Opportunities

Are you ready to uncover new avenues for increased sales and profitability?

Our approach includes a comprehensive sales analysis and the adoption of industry best practices tailored to enhance each department’s output. We focus on Total Service Absorption, evaluating how well your service and parts operations offset overall expenses. Our goal is to identify and amplify internal profit opportunities, aiming to exceed the industry benchmark of 130% Total Service Absorption.

Strategic Metric Alignment and Management

How effectively are you managing and aligning your shop's metrics?

Our evaluation focuses on ensuring you’re measuring the correct aspects crucial for your shop’s success, aligning daily activities with these key metrics. We observe and rectify misalignments between efforts and outcomes, employing advanced tools to monitor and optimize these metrics consistently.

Strategic Market Positioning for Parts and Service Sales

How effectively are you differentiating your parts and service sales in the competitive market?

We refine your market positioning with a robust advertising and marketing strategy, analyzing your customer base to maximize wallet share and identify growth opportunities. Our comprehensive review includes evaluating your sales team dynamics, counter strategies, call center approaches, and promotional activities. Beyond strategies and analytics, we emphasize cultural alignment within your team to ensure sustainable success and impactful market differentiation.

Comprehensive Inventory Management for Parts

Is your parts inventory fully optimized and accurately managed?

Our analysis delves into every facet of your parts department, ensuring inventory aligns with actual demand. We assess core management, obsolescence, accurate cycle counts, optimal turnover rates, and pricing strategies, aiming to elevate your inventory accuracy well above the typical 80%. Understanding and rectifying lost sales causes are integral to our method, targeting an inventory mix that drives your desired performance.

Enhancing Service Department Performance

Is your service department operating at its full potential?

Our detailed service department analysis aims to enhance every facet of your operations, from boosting repair order values and productivity to streamlining processes and improving customer interactions. We focus on cultivating a balanced business/sales mix and introducing innovative strategies like mobile service. Success hinges on identifying root causes, bridging performance gaps, and embedding these improvements into your shop’s culture for lasting impact.

Technician Recruitment and Retention Excellence

Are you effectively attracting and keeping top talent in your operation?

We offer a comprehensive technician recruitment and retention strategy, focusing on career development, mentorship, and engagement to reduce turnover. Our approach includes developing clear career paths, establishing a robust mentorship culture, and implementing effective classification and rating systems. Partnering with proven resources like Hireology, we provide targeted advice and strategies to secure and maintain skilled technicians, recognizing their crucial role in your operation’s success.

Distinguishing Your Operation from the Competition

What sets your service apart from competitors?

Our guidance encompasses a strategic approach to managing both new and used vehicle inventories, focusing on comprehensive competition analysis and distinctive services such as mobile service and all-makes parts offerings. We enhance your competitive edge through cross-selling strategies, leveraging technician and sales team expertise, and maximizing your network resources. Understanding and capitalizing on these differentiators are key to establishing your unique position in the market.

Optimizing Compensation Strategies for Success

Is your compensation strategy effectively aligned with your goals?

Our analysis rigorously assesses your compensation structures against your strategic objectives to ensure alignment and market competitiveness. We conduct thorough compensation surveys within your market and across comparable industries, providing insights to benchmark your offerings against peers and ensure they are structured to attract and retain top talent while driving your business goals.

Trusted Partners

We’re proud of the strategic partnerships we’ve formed. Each collaboration enhances our service offerings, ensuring we provide our clients with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions in the industry.

Success Stories

A few years ago, we had issues with Fixed Operations at our dealership in Austin, Texas, and wanted an outside opinion on how to correct them.  We consulted with two industry sources before deciding on the Besson group. We were very impressed by the presentation and their intended implementation process.  The team at BMG is a group of professionals who have worked in our industry and bring decades of knowledge that helped address our Fixed Operations issues.  They worked hand in hand with us for the next several months with a “boots on the ground” approach matching their Service Consultant with my Service Manager and their Parts Consultant with my Parts Manager.  The results were great!  The best part about my experience with BMG was the follow up after the consultants left the first time.  There were daily accountability emails and surprise “pop-in” visits to make sure we were on the right track and actually doing what we said we were doing in the emails.  It did not take long for things to turn around in Austin, and a huge part of that was thanks to the assistance received from Besson Management Group.  I would highly recommend this group if you are looking for help with your commercial operations.

Jeff Kyrish

Chief Executive Officer, Kyrish Truck Centers

Mark McCants

Service Director, Kyrish Truck Centers

In early 2021, we engaged Besson Consulting Group to revitalize our underperforming service and parts department in Austin, Texas. Their team conducted a thorough analysis, encompassing employee evaluations, financial assessments, and the development of new compensation structures and budgets. They excelled in implementing practical KPIs and actionable strategies tailored to our needs.

What truly sets Besson Consulting apart is their hands-on approach; they were on the ground with us, providing consistent coaching and guidance throughout the process. Their weekly progress reviews were instrumental in achieving our goals.

Thanks to Besson Consulting’s expertise and dedicated involvement, our Austin location has transformed. The service and parts department is now thriving, exhibiting sustained growth every year. The remarkable turnaround we’ve experienced is a testament to Besson Consulting’s hard work, profound industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence.

For any organization seeking tangible improvements in fixed operations, I cannot recommend Besson Consulting Group highly enough. They are not just consultants; they are skilled professionals with the ability to make a real difference.

Get to Know our Team

Here’s the deal: our team is pretty awesome. They’re the kind of people who dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of the commercial trucking world and come out with solutions that make a real difference. With years of experience tucked under their belts, they bring a unique blend of know-how, drive, and creativity to the table.

  • Deep Industry Knowledge: They’ve seen it all and know how to navigate the complexities of the trucking industry.

  • Practical Expertise: Real-world experience? Check. Our team members have been in your shoes and know what works.

  • Strategic Insights: Whether it’s operational strategy or financial planning, they’ve got the sharp insights you need.

  • Client-Focused: Your success is their mission. They’re all about crafting tailored solutions that propel your business forward.

Ready to meet the powerhouse team that’s all set to fuel your business’s engine? Let’s dive in!

Team Members

Mike Besson

Meet Mike, our fearless leader and the brains behind everything we do at Besson Consulting. With over two decades of making big waves in the commercial trucking industry, Mike’s journey from spearheading divisions at Rush Enterprises, Inc., to influencing the broader industry landscape reads like an adventure story in the world of trucks and gears.

Mike’s the kind of guy who doesn’t just spot trends; he sets them. Ever heard of the Rush Technician Skills Rodeo or the RushCare Call Center? That’s all Mike, turning bold ideas into industry gold standards. But what really makes Mike tick is his knack for bringing out the best in people. Whether he was rallying the troops as President at Polar Service Centers or leading the charge at Peterbilt Truck Centers, Mike’s always had a way of turning groups of individuals into unstoppable teams.

Now, pouring his heart and soul into Besson Consulting, Mike’s dedication to excellence hasn’t waned. He’s drawing from his deep well of experience to navigate our strategic direction and inspire a culture of success. At Besson Consulting, Mike’s more than our leader; he’s our inspiration—a living reminder that with the right mix of vision, drive, and a bit of elbow grease, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Mike’s story isn’t just about trucking; it’s about leading by example, believing in your team, and never settling for “good enough.” And that’s the energy he brings to our team every day—fueling our passion, guiding our strategies, and always, always pushing us to aim higher.

Charlie Wileman

Meet Charlie, our go-to guru for everything from Service Operations to Financial Planning in the bustling world of Heavy and Medium Duty OEM Truck Dealerships. He’s the kind of advisor who truly walks the walk; having started his career as a skilled technician, Charlie deeply understands the challenges and triumphs at the heart of the industry. His journey from the workshop floor to leading strategic initiatives showcases his respect for the craft and dedication to elevating the sector as a whole.

Charlie’s journey through the industry is nothing short of impressive. From revamping service departments to steering entire operations toward success, he’s done it all. Remember the remarkable leap in sales at that Kenworth dealer or his strategic magic at Rush Enterprises? That’s all Charlie.

Joining us at Besson Consulting, Charlie has turned his talents to empowering our clients, dissecting their operations, and laying out the roadmap to success. His ability to spot an issue and turn it around is what makes him stand out.

Texan to the core, Charlie’s life outside work is as full and rewarding as his career. Whether he’s hitting the golf links, angling for the big catch, or enjoying the great outdoors, he brings the same passion and zest for life to everything he does. At Besson, Charlie’s not just a consultant; he’s a cornerstone of our team’s success and a true embodiment of our client-first ethos.

Fred Scott

Fred is the kind of advisor and consultant you’d want on speed dial when pushing for the next level in Heavy and Medium Duty OEM Truck Dealerships and Service Providers. With over 15 years crafting success stories, he’s turned operations around and ignited sales growth beyond expectations.

Starting in the environmental industry, Fred mastered complex challenges, from hazardous to nuclear waste management, before diving into the world of truck dealerships at Rush Truck Centers. There, he transformed struggling service departments into revenue champions, proving his knack for making big things happen.

As VP of Operations at Besson Management Group, Fred’s approach is thorough yet simple: understand every detail, then build strategies that last. He’s all about empowering teams with the tools and insights they need to succeed, blending his rich experience with a passion for mentoring the next wave of industry leaders.

Fred’s role goes beyond operations; he’s a mentor and innovator, committed to setting new standards and driving the industry forward. His belief in people and potential makes him not just a consultant but a cornerstone of Besson Management Group’s success.

Dustin Oelsen

Say hello to Dustin, our in-house whiz on Service and Warranty Operations for those big and tough OEM Truck Dealerships. He’s the one you want when you’re aiming to get your service operations and warranty dealings spot-on.

Kicking off at Rush Truck Centers, Dustin quickly showed he had what it takes, navigating the intricacies of warranty administration with ease. Moving from Rush to Freightliner, he’s proven himself indispensable, knowing just how to keep customers smiling and processes streamlined.

Since teaming up with us at Besson Consulting in 2018, Dustin’s been the secret sauce for a dealership group up North, finessing their operations to be more profitable than ever. Whether it’s pepping up profit margins or coaching teams to excel, Dustin’s got it in spades.

Blake Besson

Meet Blake, our commercial trucking expert who kicked off his notable journey at Rush Truck Centers in Dallas, TX. Blake has a knack for financial wizardry, quickly mastering the ins and outs of P&Ls and balance sheets, demonstrating their pivotal role in dealership stability.

His real standout skill? Revolutionizing Mobile Service Development, transforming service delivery with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a rich background that includes roles like Technical Accounts Manager and Operations Manager, Blake now leads as President of Triad Mobile Solutions, LLC and serves as the dynamic Vice President of Besson Management Group, Inc.

Blake’s not just about leadership titles; he’s about driving change, crafting strategies for success, and pushing the industry forward with a mix of savvy insights and a commitment to excellence.

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